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Pacific Rim Pathology provides a full range of GYN and non-GYN cytology services with complete ancillary testing options, billing flexibility, and exceptional quality assurance. 

Our staff of highly trained pathologists, cytotechnologists, and clinical laboratory scientists are focused upon ensuring timely and accurate result reporting, and providing local personalized service.
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GYN Cytology

  • ThinPrep liquid-based Pap test with FDA approved imaging-directed cytology.
  • Hologic Aptima HPV High Risk Test and HPV 16/18/45 Genotyping.
  • Hologic Aptima molecular tests including Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Trichomoniasis, etc.
  • Call-in or secure email of all HSIL and greater diagnoses with follow-up tracking.

Non-GYN Cytology

  • Anal Pap Testing.
  • Thyroid FNA with reflex Afirma molecular testing for risk stratification.
  • FNA testing for other sites including Breast, Lymph Nodes, Salivary Glands, etc.
  • Fluid Cytology including urine, CSF, pleural, peritoneal, pericardia, etc.
  • All other cytology specimen types/sources including respiratory tract, GI tract, eye, and skin.

We have an online web portal from where you can view, download or print reports from wherever you may be. 

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GYN Cytology specimens
Non-GYN Cytology specimens

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