Pacific Rim Pathology


Pacific Rim Pathology supports technical and professional services for research and clinical trials, instrument validation, and histology endpoints.

Our research team and dedicated laboratory staff work directly with investigators and sponsors, partnering with clinical research organizations for specialist review of histology slides and scoring.

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Precision Histology

Histology services include tissue processing (from formalin, zinc or gluteraldehyde), paraffin embedding, and expert tissue sectioning. We offer routine and special histochemical stains including H&E, Trichrome, Sirius Red, and can develop and validate other stains for specific use.

Digital Imagery

Pacific Rim Pathology scans slides using our Leica Aperio AT2 DX System with a capacity of 400 slides per batch and the Aperio ImageScope clinical viewing software. High quality diagnostic images are provided to clients in .svs or other file formats.

Electron Microscopy

Pacific Rim houses an in-house Electron Microscope. We primarily utilize our Zeiss EM 109 on technical processing for Kidney biopsies. Read more about our EM services offered by clicking on the sample image!

Professional Services

Pacific Rim Pathology offers a variety of professional services including slide interpretations, identification of tumor cells and annotations, scoring for histologic endpoints, histology protocol consultations, and medical directorship.

To learn more about our services, please contact our Research department via email by clicking on the microscope!

Research Sponsors we have worked with: