Pacific Rim Pathology

Remote Web Portal Access

Did you know?

Pacific Rim Pathology offers remote web access to view your generated patient reports online. If you need quick access to a patient report or need to pull up a previously released document from months ago, look no further!

Our LigoWeb remote access portal is accessible on all major browsers with an easy to navigate interface powered by our LigoLab LIS system. 

How can I get set up online?

Contact our Accounts Manager at (855) 777-4327

Our Account Manager, Ray Jordan, can help coordinate your account set-up with one of our LIS administrators to have you up and running in no time!

In your email please include your FIRST and LAST name, location(s) for which you will need report access, and please detail any additional requests.

Issues viewing reports?

We’re sorry to hear that. 

Luckily, we can troubleshoot any problems you have remotely and get you going!