Pacific Rim Pathology

Collection Guides

Listed below are collection guides detailing processes that will ensure that providers collect optimal samples from their patients. Please follow the instructions listed in the appropriate guide(s) to help us provide the best patient care possible. 

Aptima Collection Guides

Aptima Vaginal Swab

Instructions on how to collect optimal vaginal samples via Aptima Swab.             

Aptima Multitest Throat Swab

Instructions on collecting optimal throat samples via Aptima Swab.

Aptima Urine Collection Swab

Instructions on collecting male and female urine specimens via Aptima Urine Collection Kit.                     

Aptima Rectal Swab

Instructions on how to collect optimal rectal samples via Aptima Swab.        

ThinPrep Collection Guides

ThinPrep Anal Pap Collection

Instructions on collecting optimal anal pap specimens via ThinPrep.

Thin Prep Pap Collection

Instruction on collecting optimal PAP specimens via ThinPrep.           

Other Cytology

Comprehensive Cytology Collection Guide

Instructions on collecting optimal specimens from various other methods.