Pacific Rim Pathology

NGYN Cytology

Pacific Rim Pathology processes over 8000 non-gynecologic specimens annually. We utilize an FDA approved and automated digital imaging system for the detection and evaluation of abnormal cells.

Among the variety of specimen types we process are Thyroids, Lymph Nodes, Breast, Testes, and Neck FNAs. Concurrent cytology and ancillary test results are always linked within the same report.

Thyroid FNA

A Thyroid Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) is procedure that removes a small sample of tissue from a thyroid gland. The cells are removed through a small hollow need and then sent to our lab for analysis. The main advantage of the FNA is that the skin doesn’t have to be cut and, depending on the particular case, a diagnosis can be made much more quickly than a typical biopsy. 

At Pacific Rim we offer Thyroid FNA analysis as part of our Non-GYN suite which includes other procedures performed on other areas/samples such as Lymph Nodes, Testes, Urine Cytology, and Neck FNAs. 

Reach out to us for further information and whether our testing capabilities can meet your needs!

Our team of board certified Cytopathologists:

Anand Kunda, M.D.

Sharon Longway, M.D.

Wayne Muller, M.D.

Stephanie Muller, M.D.

Saha Sadeghi, M.D.