verifi by Pacific Rim Handling Instructions

Prenatal Test

Verifi Test Number: N/AReference Interval:  See report Collect:10 mL whole blood (Minimum Volume: 7 mL)
Tube Type: Cell Free DNA Streck tube (Tan/Black Tiger top)prenatal test image 


Gently invert tube 8-10 times; No spinning or additional agitation required.
Ordered through verifi by Pacific Rim Requisition Form; not orderable via Cerner.
Send to Pacific Rim daily. 

Stability (from collection to initiation):  5 days 

CPT Codes:  81420 

Unacceptable Conditions:

Not acceptable if less than 7 mL, or if patient is less than 10 weeks 0 days gestation at date of draw.

Reported:  3-5 business days.  Directly to physician via secure fax.


Patient must be at least 10 weeks 0 days gestation on date of draw.
Please include requisition form, and any payment/billing/insurance info if received.

Storage/Transport Temperature:

Room temperature: 5 days
Refrigerated: Not acceptable
Frozen: Not acceptable

Performed:  Monday – Friday only