Cytology Department – Pacific Rim Pathology – San Diego California

Our cytology department processes over 85,000 gynecologic specimens annually using liquid based technology.  We use an FDA approved automated digital imaging system for the detection and evaluation of abnormal cervical cells.

Our staff of highly trained pathologists, cytotechnologists, and clinical laboratory scientists are focused upon ensuring quality result reporting by correlating patient history and cervical biopsy information. Monthly summary reports are provided to clients.

The liquid based specimen can also be used for HPV, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea.

Reminders on how to obtain optimal pap results:
Paps should not be taken during menstruation, according to guidelines for all pap methods provided by Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute GP15-A3.

If lubricant is necessary for collection, please make sure of the use of lubricant like Surgilube that does not have carbomer listed as an ingredient. It should be applied sparingly on the outer portion of the speculum with great care.

Please do not break off the device in the Thin Prep vial.  Collection devices should be immediately rinsed in the vial and discarded.