Testicular Mapping for TFNA


TURNAROUND TIME IS 2-3 Business days


Pacific Rim Pathology offers interpretation of cytologic preparations obtained from testicular mapping fine needle aspiration (FNA) procedures.

Image-enhanced cytology reports detailing the presence or absence of mature sperm, early germ cells and sertoli cells are provided in 2-3 business days.

Each FNA sample is collected from a specific location in the testis according to a standard template.   A smear preparation made from each FNA is examined microscopically using standard cytologic techniques.

This information is then used to “guide” or “direct” sperm retrieval for IVF-ICSI performed at a later date.

Testicular Mapping FNA Kit Handling Instructions

  1. Contents of your provided Pacific Rim Pathology TFNA Kit:
    • Biohazard Bag with Absorbent Sheet (Place Foam and slides inside this bag).
    • 25 slides in slide carriers
    • Pacific Rim Shipping Box:  Place specimens inside box.
    • Requisition Form:  Place completed requisition form inside collection box.
  2. Additional Supplies:
    • 95% alcohol PAPANICOLAOU Fixative solution
    • Extra slides for smearing
  3. Label the slide(s) with the patient’s first and last name, date of birth, and specimen source directly on the frosted end of the glass, in pencil, before beginning the procedure.
  4. Immediately fix the biopsy slides labeled with at least two patient identifiers in 95% alcohol. The slides should be immersed in the alcohol for a minimum of 15 minutes. Alternatively, the fixative may be pipetted onto a slide until the smear is totally saturated and then allowed to dry.
  5. After collection and proper fixation of slide specimens, place slide(s) in slide carriers and submit to Pacific Rim Pathology Laboratory, with the clinical information and requisition.
  6. Please call New Millennium Courier Service at (619)571-1736. Or, contact us to arrange shipping.
  7. Notify the Histology Department at histology@pacificrimpathology.com or call (855)777-4327 when specimen is sent, in order to start processing immediately.

For more supply orders, please call Pacific Rim Pathology at
(855)777-4327 or (619)295-0964, or email histology@pacificrimpathology.com.